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Used Fitness Equipment for Sale Big Fitness: 508-336-3879

Used fitness equipment and used exercise equipment for sale!

 Vintage Nautilus Ab Crunch For sale.  Classic Blue with Black Pads.
Call Big Fitness is interested.  508-336-3879


Nautilus Ab Crunch

Nautilus ab crunch

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Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro

We have an ab circle pro that just came into the store in Seekonk.  We tried it out and in our opinion it does work the abs.

Read over this review and tell us yours if you have ever owned one.

If you are looking for Ab Circle Pro reviews, then you probably trying to find out if the Ab Circle Pro is really as good as everyone says it is. Often these home workout products have a tendency to promise more than they deliver. Sure, most Ab Circle Pro reviews, say that the Ab Circle Pro has helped them lose their unwanted flabs, love handles, and trim down their unshapely stomachs. 

Its for sale at Big Fitness at half the price of new.  Seekonk store 508-336-3879
Click here for store info.


Big Fitness

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Ryan B. – Des Moines, IA

The Landice Elliptimill: This is a wonderful piece of equipment.  My parents have an L7 treadmill and now I have the ElliptiMill.  The quality of the Landice products are exceptional, I will never consider any other brand.  Thanks for making such great products.

See Landice Elliptimills at Big Fitness

We have been selling Landice products in our stores since 1994 and have nothing but good luck selling and delivering these products to our customers.  The elliptimill is a major part of our high end home and commercial product line. Landice makes a quality product and delivers in every way.

Chris Soucie

Owner, Big Fitness

Landice E950 ElliptiMills

The E9 ElliptiMill® is designed for the most demanding commercial applications, but built to accommodate deconditioned users as well. It is the perfect solution for all types of commercial applications, including Health Clubs, Wellness Centers, Hotels, Condominiums, Corporate Fitness, and Rehabilitation Centers. Choose from four control panels: the Pro Trainer, Pro Sports Trainer, Cardio Trainer, and Executive Trainer.

See Landice Elliptimills at Big Fitness

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Big Fitness Forum.

Used Reebok Steps

Used Reebok Steps

Over the last 20 years the Reebok step has been a staple at most gyms and homes.  Its versatility for different workouts such as your basic step class to  Body Pump, PX 90 to Stretch class makes it an affordable piece to own.  Video’s are EZ to find now on YouTube if you need to replace an instructor at home. And get ready to burn off 500 calories an hour. We have 10 in stock at Big Fitness for sale at less than 1/2 the retail price.

Send us your stories about a Reebok you owned or have used by replying to this review.

We have 10 for sale at Big Fitness for $49 each in our store in seekonk. 508-336-3879

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Spirit Elliptical Reviews

Company Name: Spirit Fitness

Buy yours at Big Fitness


General Information: Spirit is a company that was started in the early 80′s and has produced many types of products and started producing fitness products in the late 80′s. They are known for product innovation. Their treadmills are typically mid-priced.  Dyaco purchased Spirit a few years ago and all of their production is offshore.  The quality has been improving and Dyaco has made a huge investment in the Spirit brand.

Manufacturing Philosophy: The once totally US owned factory is now a subsidiary of Dyaco who hails from Taiwan.  The practice of putting good parts in their treadmills has continued once again and they are trying to fill the value segment with many decent choices.  With heavy competition from Icon, Horizon, and Pacemaster, it will be interesting to see how they do.

Company Outlook: Dyaco’s has poured quite a bit of money into the Spirit brand to revitalize it and the results are showing.  Their move to a more value oriented business should help their results.

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